A sharp expertise in the asset management activity

A sharp expertise in the asset management activity

Red Med Asset Management (RMAM) is a subsidiary company of Red Med Finance approved by the Moroccan Authority of Capital Markets. Its main mission is to ensure the sustainability and growth of the funds it is entrusted with depending on the client risk/ return profile.

RMAM provides customized services and high standards of asset management targeting the following categories of investors :

  • Companies interested in growing their cash surpluses
  • Institutions and large companies
  • High net worth individuals: resident or non resident private clients.

RMAM started the certification process ISAE “the International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3402,” which is the first international standard, globally recognized as a way to document and demonstrate the practice of monitoring in connection with the activities and management of business assets.

RMAM offers clients a diverse range of funds

RMAM offers clients a diverse range of funds :

  • Three funds launched in July 2011 : (i) a monetary fund (Monetary Alpha), (ii) a bond fund short and long term (Alpha Income) and (iii) an Equity fund (Dynamic Alpha)
  • RMAM has launched in April 2015, a bond fund Alpha Secure, invested in Treasury bonds and securities guaranteed by the state. The UCITS 2016 performance on a year-on-year basis is 4.5%
  • In May 2016, RMAM set up a short term bond fund with a banking thematic (Alpha Bank) composed of the best signatures of local banks
  • RMAM is considering the establishment of a “Green Fund” invested in “Green Bonds”, part of the vision of the Authority of the Moroccan Capital Markets (AMMC) to promote the financing of the green economy and socially responsible companies.

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