High-performing and Innovative Management Tools

  • Investment proposals generated by our business model are based on various
    market data (liquidity, quotes, valuations…) and are the result of a set of quantitative algorithms.
  • Our models are the result of several years of research. They have been carefully developed, back tested and optimized to ensure their reliability and stability under various market conditions.
  • By quantifying the conditions under which investment decisions are made, the program is able to create a rational approach to the investment process, thereby eliminating subjective biases in human behavior.
  • Our model incorporates dynamic capital allocation processes to ensure that capital is preserved when market conditions are unfavorable and deployed aggressively during favorable periods.
  • The models are designed to achieve optimum yields with a below-market risk goal. The model developed by RMAM is structured to significantly reduce portfolio volatility.

Comprehensive Fundamental and Technical Analysis

  • For its bond analysis needs, our team actively monitors Bank Al Maghrib’s monetary policy as well as the needs of the Treasury (government commitments and revenues, balance of trade balances and payments…).
  • In addition, our teams are able to integrate local and foreign private investments and analyze their possible impacts on foreign exchange reserves and internal liquidity.
  • In addition, our teams have access to national and international macroeconomic and sector studies carried out by leading financial institutions that help situate the Moroccan securities market in a global macroeconomic context.
  • These investment decisions are approved by an investment committee that meets on a weekly or daily basis, as necessary.
  • Our technical analysis expertise allows to determine the optimal timing in launching purchase and sale transactions.

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